Aces of Trades – Jennifer Gorsuch Walters’ career has gone from coffee to construction

LANCASTER — From coffee to construction.

That is the career path Jennifer Gorsuch Walters has taken. Gorsuch Walters is the president and CEO of Fairfield Homes.

“It’s a pretty big job that I take seriously,” she said. “I run Fairfield Homes and Gorsuch Construction. They’re sister companies. At Fairfield Homes we are a development and property management company and Gorsuch Construction is the construction arm.”

Gorsuch Walters’ responsibilities include running the company’s leadership team, which has about nine people on it.

“Culture is a big part of my job,” she said. “Focusing on the culture of our company. I also focus on the people of our company. I want to make sure that I have time and space to connect with all the team members.”

The company manages 115 properties in Ohio and West Virginia. Last year Gorsuch Walters started visiting the properties on what she calls a “thankful tour.”

“We divide them into 14 areas,” she said. “So I go out to an area and have breakfast or lunch with a team. We talk about what they’re working on, what their concerns are. Just connect with the teams. I do that over a six-month period so I can see a property, but most importantly I connect with our people.”

In 2016 Gorsuch Walters won the Athena Award, which honors women business leaders.

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